This series of 30 sculptures are made out of steel planks holding ceramic  balls in a figurative balance performing different equilibriums and perspectives of balance in terms of justice. The metal represents the rough element (justice) and the ceramic speaks about the fragility and vulnerability (the individuals). The interaction between the elements and their principles has to synchronize to allow fairness and perfect balance, which in practice it can be rare and complex. 

Justice and balance are close concepts that share similar principles: The principle of weight, equality, need, contribution, effort, impartiality, consistency, standing and trust. Also elements such as equilibrium, symmetry, equivalence, tension, equality of weight, harmony, stability, scale, support, compensation, and so on.  When simplified as a three dimensional object the observation of what is fair or balanced gets interesting.  The complexity of justice is mirrored through balance in this series of conceptual scales as a symbol for equality and fairness representing the weight of both sides and the balance in relationships.